Let the Journey Begin

Marie Jenn

About the Author

I am a freelance writer and professional blogger. A Natural Journey to Love focuses on me sharing my experience with infertility to help educate women on holistic health approaches to conceiving a child naturally. I hope to foster a safe and open environment for women to share their experiences and end the stigma of infertility.

I developed my passion to start blogging about infertility after struggling myself in silence for two years. It was hard for me to find a sense of community when it came to women’s health. I found myself researching information and through comments and very few blog posts and vlogs I found other women who shared similar problems that I faced. We were able to relate to each other in ways that others could not. In March of 2017 I gave birth to my son whom I conceived naturally through various holistic fertility treatments. After going through such a tough experience at a young age I have decided to dedicate my spare time to begin A Natural Journey to Love blog in hopes to educate and empower other women to take control of their reproductive health.

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5 thoughts on “Let the Journey Begin

  1. This is awesome, Tab! I’m so glad you’re sharing your story, and I’m sure it will help so many people.

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    1. Thank you please share with anyone you may think needs to hear this information


  2. Great blog cousin. Thank you for your transparency

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  3. Great story what an inspiration to people like me who still struggle with infertility.


    1. Thank you I hope to provide you with more helpful information


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